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Sifu Eleazar Jacob (“Sifu Jacob”) has been training Wushu (Chinese martial arts) since he was fifteen years old.  He is a world champion and certified professional instructor who has been recognized by the Chinese Wushu Association under Vice Chairman Shao Shi Wei for achievement and excellence in Wushu.

Sifu Jacob received his martial arts training from renown China Wushu Masters - Tsing Tsong Tsai, Zhang Xiao Peng, Li Bing Lei, Fan Yi Jie, and Ma Qing.  As a National Team Wushu Athlete, Sifu Jacob has received multiple awards in Wushu and Tai Chi having competed in many prestigious tournaments including the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Wushu Championships, and World Wushu Championships.  Sifu Jacob served as a Philippine National Team Coach from 2005 to 2012 and developed Wushu athletes who have become world champions in several categories including Straightsword (Jianshu), Spear (Qiang), Southern Staff (Nangun), and Southern Broadsword (Nandao).  His expertise in international compulsory and optional routines for hand and weapons forms has guided Wushu-Kung Fu Fitness Center students to win highly competitive positions on the United States Wushu Team and numerous awards.  Sifu Jacob is also a Tournament Judge for the USA Wushu-Kung Fu Federation, the official United States representative to the 145 member nation International Wushu Federation (IWUF).

Sifu Jacob specializes in Long Fist, Southern Fist, Wushu Weapons, Duilian (fighting routines), and Tai Chi Chuan.