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WING CHUN with Sifu Sam Zhang    

TUESDAY 9:00pm     THURSDAY 9:00pm     SATURDAY 10:00am

Location: Wushu-Kung Fu Fitness Center

15A Melanie Lane, Suite 5, East Hanover, NJ 07936

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Sifu sam Zhang     張健生

Sifu Sam Zhang has been training Kung Fu from an early age and mastering the Wing Chun (詠春) system under the lineage of the late Grandmaster Yip Man (業問) as Official Disciple and Instructor.  He is also an instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi (陳氏太極) with expertise in Chen traditional long forms and weapons forms.  Sifu Zhang also has great passion for training and teaching Chinese Exotic Weapons including the Meteor Hammer (流星錘), Double Head Double Spear (雙頭雙槍), Bagua Deer Horn Swords (八卦子午鴛鴦鉞), Bagua Broadsword (八卦刀), and Kwan Dao (關刀).  He has performed at numerous Master’s demonstrations and invited to be Judge at major Wushu - Kung Fu tournaments in the United States and abroad