​​​Dr. Henry McCann (馬爾博中醫博士) is a licensed doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, and has practiced Asian martial arts and health preservation movement systems for over 30 years. Dr. McCann is a formal indoor disciple of Qigong and Taiji master Wang Fengming.  His training includes the Daoist Taiji Stick and Ruler Neigong, Six Sounds for Nourishing Life practices (Six Healing Sounds), 24 Seasonal Node Daoyin, Chen Style Silk Reeling, and other classical and modern Qigong systems.  Dr. McCann’s lineage of Daoist Neigong (Qigong) originated with the Song Dynasty sage Chen Tuan and was transmitted to the modern period by Hu Yaozhen, one of the most prominent exponents of Qigong in the 20th century.

Dr. McCann began his martial arts training in 1982 with Okinawan Karate, and has a 3rd degree black belt in Isshinryu, a 3rd degree black belt in Kobayashi (Shorin) Ryu, and a 2nd degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo.  He trained at the Kyudokan while living in Okinawa from 1995-1996.  After his initial expertise in Okinawan systems, Dr. McCann studied Chinese Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), starting with Yang family Taiji under Chu Gin Soon (1996-2001), and then transitioned to Hunyuan Chen Style Taiji.  In 2014 Dr. McCann became a 12th generation lineage holder of Chen Style Taijiquan and a 3rd generation lineage holder of Hunyuan Chen Style Taijiquan.

In addition to Qigong and martial arts, Dr. McCann has practiced traditional Chinese medicine for 16 years.  He is a well-known teacher of Chinese medicine who lectures regularly throughout the United States and abroad, and has taught in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Holland and Indonesia.  Dr. McCann is a faculty member of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NYC) and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (Portland).  He has written numerous scholarly articles and textbooks on Asian medicine.  Dr. McCann is the director of the Institute for Classical Asian Medicine, and maintains a private practice in Madison, NJ.

Hunyuan Taiji (Tai Chi) 混元太極拳

Hunyuan Tai Chi Chuan, also known as Chen Style Hunyuan Tai Chi (陳氏混元太極拳), is a traditional system of martial arts and self-cultivation. It is a branch of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan that was developed by Feng Zhiqiang (馮志強), one of the greatest practitioners and teachers of Chen Tai Chi during the 20th century. Master Feng was one of the top disciples of Chen Fa Ke, the first person to teach Chen Tai Chi openly in China.

Hunyuan Tai Chi is unique in that it seeks the original roots of Tai Chi practice by reintegrating Qigong into form movements, and emphasizing circular movements and other movement strategies that embody Yin-Yang theory. Practice includes the exploration of key basic postures (the 8 Postures of Taijiquan), solo forms (including short simplified forms, and the original long form of Chen Tai Chi), Cannon Fist forms (fast forms), weapons practice, and self-defense applications of the forms. The curriculum also includes extensive push hands practice and Silk Reeling exercises.

Our Hunyuan Tai Chi teacher, Dr. Henry McCann, is a 12th generation lineage disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, and a 3rd generation lineage disciple of Hunyuan Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. He is a long time personal student of Wang Fengming, and Master Wang was one of Feng Zhiqiang’s top disciples and his son-in-law. Dr. Henry McCann is certified as a Tai Chi teacher by theWorld Chen Style Hunyuan Taiji Association.

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The link for the more information is: http://www.asianmedicine.org/hunyuan-taiji/

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Baishi Ceremony in Zibo, China

Push Hands                                                                                                                              Dr. McCann translating and teaching along

                                                                                                                                                  side Master Wang Feigning.

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